View of Jeløya, Moss, Norway. Photo: Eivind Lauritzen. Courtesy Galleri F 15.

Théo-Mario Coppola appointed Curator of Momentum 11

Théo-Mario Coppola has been appointed curator of the 11th edition of the Momentum biennale that will take place in 2021 in Moss, Norway.

‘HOUSE OF COMMONS is being conceived with the view that a paradigm shift is needed to change how current and historical forms of domination resulting from capitalism, colonialism, racism, patriarchalism, and gender normativity have impacted our lives.

As such, HOUSE OF COMMONS will be shaped by togetherness and horizontality. By placing commonality at its core, it will operate as a shared living space for exhibition, research, and knowledge.

Informed by the notion of “commons” that was developed by Elinor Ostrom from the 1980s onwards, HOUSE OF COMMONS will re-problematise commonality and the process of commoning, both with practitioners and with participants. It will draw from new forms of governance and concrete utopia, personal narratives and resilience strategies, communities’ concerns, protests and measures of empowerment, and the protection of ecosystems.

Dag Aak Sveinar, Director of Galleri F 15 and MOMENTUM said: “We are excited to work with curator Théo-Mario Coppola on his thematic guidelines and conceptual exploration of horizontality and togetherness. To make this a part of the future is both challenging and necessary. MOMENTUM 11 will be existential in telling where we are, who we are and what we are doing—and by doing it together we will enter a dialogue focused on our shared future.”

Details of the programme will be announced at a later date. […]’

See the full text of the announcement here

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