A read on sound art in Brazil by Théo-Mario Coppola

Alongside Barbara Tannenbaum (Cleveland Museum of Art, USA), Margot Norton (New Museum, USA), and Elizabeth Cronin (The New York Public Library, USA), Théo-Mario Coppola (independent) was invited to recommend a read. He chose Making It Heard, a book dedicated to sound art in Brazil.

‘Since the beginning of the lockdown, there has been a shift in the sound balance between car traffic, bird tweets, and other signals in the city. From dawn chorus to evening clapping, my aural perception has been hugely transformed. So has my desire for new narratives. This is a chance to pay attention to aspects I might have neglected in everyday life and within the arts. (…)’ – Théo-Mario Coppola

Four Reads by Four Curators is available here, on SP-Arte 365, both in English and in Portuguese.

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